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Sunday, September 2, 2007
By nias

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The Aceh-Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (BRR) introduced Friday a web-based information service it said will keep donors updated on progress in both tsnuami- and earthquake-affected regions.

BRR’s Mulyanto Darmawan said the Web Geospatial Information System could also help donors to search for damaged areas that had not been reconstructed.

“The system will let people instantly download geospatial data and high-definition maps directly from a centralized database,” Mulyanto said.

“It will also provide constructors with the right measurement of Aceh’s land.

“For road constructions, constructors will need the exact slope to make proper roads for people.”

He said the BRR had previously distributed the extensive inventory of spatial data and maps offline, or by providing hardcopy paper maps, which was time consuming.

To date, the computerized program has only been launched in Aceh.

Mulyanto said the system had been working in Aceh for six months and would continue to be implemented in the country’s westernmost province. He said it would then be operated simultaneously in Nias.

The system is conducted in coordination with the BRR and Singapore-based information and technology company Autodesk.

It has been designed for the project in 2D (2-dimension) and 3D (3-dimension) design software.

The company has been providing skills training for agency staff free of charge so they could operate the system.

The training program would finish in January 2008, Mulyanto said.

Srinivasan Venkattappan, Autodesk sales manager, said the company had donated the entire system, including the training program.

“(BRR) only has to pay for the maintenance fee of US$2,000 per year,” he said.

Web mapping is virtual and provides spatially referenced data based on geographic information, which is available as a digital image file.

The web map service is also equipped with a geographic information system which is a tool for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data.

Mulyanto said the system was not open to the public yet.

“Hopefully, the program can be fully accessed by the public before the end of this year.”

BRR’s task in Aceh and Nias is to provide houses for people who were displaced as a result of the 2004 December tsunami in Aceh and the March 2005 earthquake in Nias, and to rebuild destroyed infrastructure systems in both regions.

The agency had in July built around 84,000 houses. The agency’s target for 2007 is to have completed 100,000 homes. (13)

Source: The Jakarta Post, 1 September 2007

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