Wednesday, March 30, 2005
By nias

(Nias Portal: Contributed by ehalawa. Edited by ehalawa on Rabu, Maret 30 2005)*

Nias and surrounding island devastated by the powerful earthquake late Monday, 28 March 2005, are in urgent need of outside help. The latest information from the town of Gunungsitoli is as follows.

There has been no electricity since the earthquake hit the Island and people rely on candles and kerosene lamps. The communication to the local people is becoming difficult; the telephone lines to most houses are severely damaged. Communication through mobile phones is also becoming more difficult. Death toll is feared to have reached 1000 in Gunungsitoli. These figures have not been confirmed yet. There has been no information from Teluk Dalam, the capital of newly formed Regency of Nias Selatan.

This afternoon (30 March 2003) at around 2.30 western Indonesian time (WIB), Nias Portal (NP) spoke to Ina Putra Laia whose house is located in the Tandrawana, a hilly area in Gunungsitoli. She just went back from “touring” some areas of the devastated town of Gunungsitoli. There are a number of families taking refuge in and around her house. She said the roads are crimped and cracked; the bridge of Nou connecting Kampung Baru area and the town centre is heavily damaged and nearly collapsed.

Nias Theater in Afilaza was ruined by the fire coming from Satay Stall selling nearby. The smoke is still coming out of the ruin. The houses and buildings along this area are mostly ruined. The complex of military district command and the BNKP Church (“Gereja Satu”) near the Nias Regency Office were also seriously damaged.

There have been no economic activities since the earthquake shook and destroyed the town. The people only rely on the remaining stock of their logistics to survive in the coming days. NP also spoke shortly to Ina Fita, a mother whose family took refuge in Ina Putra’s house. She told NP that she and her family might have nothing to consume for the coming days as they fleet their home in a hastened situation. The Nias regency staff is told to have come to every refuge camp and house to register the people who will be given some food and drinking materials. However, the assistance has yet to come.

Ina Putra also noticed the arrival of military personnel into Nias which she hope would help search for the victims trapped under the collapsed buildings, clean the town and assist in rebuilding the damaged facilities.

Ina Putra saw some activities in Budhist Temple (Vihara). She saw some people preparing coffins for their dead relatives. She also told NP that most of the buildings along the road in the areas she visited were devastated by the quake. The foundation of the buildings (especially two floor shops) is dipped into the soil. She noticed that buildings in Jl. Sirao are the most devastated. There has been unpleasant smell coming out from the ruined buildings. Due to the lack of heavy equipment, the rescue effort has been minimal.

When NP asked whether President Yudhoyono has arrived, she was not aware of that but she said she often heard the sound of helicopters hovering over the sky of Gunungsitoli.

There was a subdued tone in the voices of the two mothers when they told their horrible stories. They fear about their immediate and long term future. They do not know what the life would look like tomorrow. They need help. The conversation with Ina Putra ended with a very sincere appeal: “Please pray for us”.

Please Help !

Artikel ini muncul di Nias Portal, 30 Maret 2005


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    Kimberly Says:

    the Earthquake in Indonesia is really bad. i have some friends who live in Indonesia and they were injured because of the earthquake*

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